Monday, January 28, 2019

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Jeroen van Delft uploaded the full film, with Dutch/Nederlands subtitles.

The scenes have markers, on the progress bar!

Alexander Arsov (THANK YOU!) posted:

Act One
[2:19] Prologue
[4:12] Any Dream Will Do
[6:32] Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat
[12:20] Joseph's Dreams
[15:08] Poor, Poor Joseph
[17:34] One More Angel in Heaven
[22:58] Potiphar
[28:08] Close Every Door
[32:03] Go, Go, Go Joseph

Act Two
[38:10] Pharaoh Story
[41:11] Poor, Poor Pharaoh
[43:20] Song of the King (Seven Fat Cows)
[46:53] Pharaoh's Dreams Explained
[48:15] Stone the Crows
[50:45] Those Canaan Days
[56:44] The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel
[1:01:01] Who's the Thief?
[1:03:08] Benjamin Calypso
[1:06:10] Joseph All the Time
[1:07:20] Jacob in Egypt
[1:07:56] Finale: Any Dream Will Do/Give Me My Colored Coat
[1:12:05] Joseph Megamix

If you were a Donny Osmond fan, you will have lots of fun.
If you never were a fan, you might be after this.

I'm glad to have this, because sometimes I want to hear some of it, without finding the DVD. SO COOL!

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