Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kirby and Destiny at the new house

Tonight's the first night of sleep at the new house for Kirby, Destiny and Devyn.

They had this beautiful door installed yesterday. The opening needed to be enlarged, and now they need the doorbell reattached (that's what the wires are).

They've been painting and personalizing for weeks. It has been lots of work for them, but they seem to have had a good time with it! They're creating a very personalized, wonderful space, and the door is like a beautiful lid on a jewelry box. Or like a portal to a world that's specially theirs.

The door has a great peekhole, and here's Keith posing as a visitor. Oh, wait—he WAS visiting, and we DID open it and look at him.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kirby is engaged, and some other doings

This is an expansion of something I wrote on Facebook. I realized some of this might need to be referenced in future, perhaps.

Today was calm but busy. Marty and I went to register his Jeep for the next two years and it passed inspection perfectly (for the first time). He's had it for eight year, and still loves it. The last two times, he needed a new gas cap, and sometimes there were other things recommended or required. This was an all-clean emissions test. Then we stopped by to see if Keith wanted to go to lunch with us.

Kirby and Destiny are engaged. I told Marty and Keith at lunch that the custom-made ruby engagement ring had arrived, but it was secret and I didn't know when he was going to propose. Marty called me a few hours later, saying that Ashlee came home saying they were engaged. So Marty knew a special secret for a few hours. Kirby proposed to her in the house they're buying, that is newly painted and being customized, that they just started taking furniture to yesterday. They'll move from our house slowly.

Holly is visiting a friend she's known all her life, Caiti Hankins (and Miles, her guy), in Oregon. Prior to this, Holly visited Renee Cabatic and family, and then Diana and Hayden Jenner. She's in Oregon because she helped Kymberlee/Nevé move up there. I asked Marty today if he knows Nevé and he said he did, and Ashlee had given her some pirate garb.

Keith and I played Dr. Mario, and had some adventures with an elecrician and people from the power company, after which the outdoors light fixture that used to hum and click is gone and sealed, and our whole house has electricity (wind+tree broke one of the lines to our house and three neighbors last night, but it's fixed).

I walked to the store in the dark for snacks to eat while I watch "Twenty Again" (a Korean drama), and am peacefully happy at home. It wasn't too peaceful while I was chocking on pork rinds, but I survived and had a nice little Sprite in an aluminum bottle, or a bottle-shaped can, and I love my house and my family.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Devyn's big baking day

Bread (behind her on the counter, in some photos) and cupcakes. Devyn had seen a Youtube video about cupcake decorating, and we went and got what we didn't already have to make them just like those. Hers are much prettier!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

No watercooler

Sometimes I wish all the writing I did in discussions and on facebook came here instead, but life is as it is. I wish all the paper letters I had written to other people could be read and the facts laid out in chronological order for my kids. I wish many unrealistic things, many of a packrattish nature.

Two big things of a personal nature, and two big more public things came together. I had pneumonia for most of August. Keith was bedridden and in pain in varying degrees for most of this month so far. I wrote the foreword for a book by and for unschooling dads, edited by Skyler Collins. I was a presenter at an online conference involving powerpoint or slides, and those two things are done. Both might've been easier without the pneumonia and back injury, and doing those kinds of big-deal projects without witnesses seems odd to me. Keith knew I was doing them, and helped me with power point, but working all alone without others, without co-workers to have lunch with, without anyone ever seeing all that I do, is odd and sometimes lonely.

I just finished formatting and adding to a page that I started and forgot about. It was from 2006, and looked like two lumps of words with one bad link. It's better now:
What Proof is there that Unschooling Works?

Wednesday night, we went to see The Book of Mormon at Popejoy. Keith couldn't sit up long enough to see a show, so Bed Cady took his ticket. It was me, Kirby, Destiny, Devyn; Marty, Ashlee and Ben; Holly and Tyler/Bob.


Outside my house, there are moonflowers blooming. Fall comes soon.

Kirby and Destiny have found a house to buy, only about 1/3 of a mile from ours. They will be transitioning there over the next few months, and plan to be in Dallas with Destiny's sister for Christmas.

Brett Henry married Susan Cady Friday night, in Algodones. Marty was the groomsman (one best man and one groomsman). Kirby and Destiny went, too.

Holly is moving gradually from Chama to Española, to live with Joshua, Kayla, their new baby (still to come) and Irene, at the end of San Pedro. She should be all moved by mid-October, when the trains stop running for the winter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Candid browns

I don't think I have a large copy of this image anymore, but I didn't think I had ANY, and found this:

When I first got an iPad, I was messing with the camera and took a photo of the table in front of me, of chairs in my kitchen, with the brown background of the back of the center-island cabinets.

Later when I couldn't find it, I took a similar one. If I find that I'll bring it here, too.

This was totally unplanned and unposed. The other one, I think I cleared stuff off the table so I wcould only see the browns, and was probably more onscious of how the chairs overlapped.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Keith and me as a young couple

AEgina Graham put up a photo of a photo, on facebook, and the comment I put there is below. She couldn't find the real photo again when she went to look in her mom's albums, but this image is enough for me to remember. My kids might like the account. I think the photo is 1979 or early 1980.

We had been a couple for two years. We were four years from getting married. Six years from having Kirby.

That relationship was fully SCA-based at first. We met in a madrigal group. We weren't even living in the same town, so SCA events were our shared space—it's where we lived as a couple.

We sang at campfires. We performed at feasts. We played recorder together in the dark. We had long talks in little cars on dark highways, on the way to or back from Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas.

In the photo, I most like seeing our hands all touching. In square inches of skin on skin, we might have been setting the world record there for hands-only.

I like seeing Keith's beard, too. smile emoticon
We both had waist-length hair. Mine was braided and tied up in the base scarf under the veil. His was down the back, and his hair was blond then.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August went away!

The first week of August, Keith and I went to Chama and rode the train with my sister Irene, and our daughter Holly. Holly stayed with us in a rental home just three blocks from the train station. It was wonderful all kinds of ways, but on the middle day, in the train, the last hour and a half or so, I started being ill. That was Wednesday, August 5.

First it seemed like urinary tract problem, but Holly went and fetched pills and cranberry juice, and I was well very quickly.

At home, I got worse and worse until I went to urgent care on Sunday, August 9.
Later in the week I wasn't much better, so I went back and got more and different pills and a codein cough syrup prescribed and bought.

I'm writing this on August 27. Yesterday was the last day of the meds. I can breathe deeply without coughing, and for two days I don't feel low-lung crud. I tire easily and am not as clever as usual. Kind of slow, and I love to sleep.

Keith has been playing a lot of Dr. Mario with me during that time, because while I'm playing, I don't cough. I've wondered about that, but it's very therapeutic. Something about flow, I figure. Attention, shallow breathing, distraction, posture? Between games, I'd cough up some. But it was the most helpful thing of all.

I didn't have the energy to write much about the train trip (and I didn't write it here) but some of the photos are beautiful. It's quite a photogenic situation.

photo of Irene, by Holly