Tuesday, August 14, 2018

International collection of a mundane tool

India, Australia, U.K., USA — all in use in Albuquerque

The one from India came from a cooking store. I got some plastic bowls, too, that we use all the time.

The Australian masher came from a big store with remainders from other stores, it seemed—new things, but more like a Big Lots or Tuesday Morning than a department store. I got kitchen towels that day, there, too, and use them every day.

One of the English mashers was bought new, and older and newer ones, used.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Full-size trompe l'oeil cars

Nice clouds, too, July 27, 2018. Those storage units are between our house and Fastino's, a drive-through Italian food place at Juan Tabo and Lexington. That's the back of our house, to the right of it, with the gate.

Here's what we see from our yard. This photo is from 2011, when Hollywood Video was still over past there.

We watched as that art was made, when that business was new.