Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Life-Learning Interview

Life Learning Magazine arrived this week, and there's a transcript of most of an interview I did for a radio and download site. Actually for a homeschooling family involved in radio shows for homeschoolers to hear first-run or to listen to on the website.

In the recorded one it was edited to fit in half an hour, so it seemed I talked even faster than I really do! That's linked here: SandraDodd.com/radio.

The magazine version has photos the kids and I took of each other. That was a fun day. As I read it I saw some things I liked, some things I wish I had said better, and mostly realized I like writing better than I like to read a transcript of what I said!

Some years back, there was an interview in Home Education Magazine, but that one was done by e-mail, and edited back and forth and discussed on the side, so it was writing, though writing within someone else's template, as it were. Writing with a director. That was fun. And I did the final edit myself, because what the interviewer liked was too long and the magazine editor needed it to be shorter. So somewhere on my computer, I have "the director's cut" and should put that on my website. I hope I have it still. The shorter "official" one that was in the magazine is here, though:


LATER NOTE: SandraDodd.com/interview
There it is, the full long version, with the three photos that might've gone with it in the first place, IN COLOR! Ta-daaa! My sister took those photos in her yard. Marty and Holly made it in HEM's version; Kirby didn't. Now they're all three restored to their spots, much afterwards, but still... —Sandra, February 2006


Anonymous said...

I listened to the radio interview and really enjoyed it. It's nice to match a face or writing to a voice.
PS You didn't sound the same as I thought you would.

Sandra Dodd said...


I think after people have heard me (especially in person, but tape helps too), it's easier for them to "get" my writing.

Louise said...

I loved the interview and liked it too.
I am thinking of subscribing to the home-school mags in the US. In the UK, ours are not so inspiring anymore!

Sandra Dodd said...

There are two good unschooling magazines out these days, one from Canada and one from Texas.
Both have websites, and will sell you a single issue and I think you can read older articles there, too:

Life Learning Magazine

Live Free, Learn Free

Louise said...

Thanks Sandra xxxx

Louise said...

I meant to type LISTENED to and liked it!!