Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kirby's 19th birthday

Kirby is 19, so I've been a mom 19 years.

When I was 19, my mom accidentally got pregnant, and if that had been me that year, I'd've now been a mom for 33 years or so. This way's better.

Kirby had a costume party and photos of most guests are linked from Kirby's page, but here's one of my three, who went as Casey Jones from the first Ninja Turtle movie, Dr. Strangelove (he had a wheelchair and more props, but this was while he was getting ready, when he was being MeatLoaf) and Addie, from Paper Moon.

Lots of people came over yesterday afternoon and last night, and it seemed to be a really good party with nice people and good costumes. Kirby seemed happy with it all.


Kate said...

It's funny to leave this, I've been reading what you write about your family for years, so I feel as if I know all of you.

So, Happy Birthday, to both of you. From an unschooling family you don't know at all! LOL

Louise said...

Wow, Happy Birthday to Kirby. Party sounds like a great idea!