Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve

It's late; I've done my Christmas-Eve duty, and am about to go to sleep, but probably not for too many hours before kids are up.

Holly is asleep on a futon in my office. She wanted to go to sleep where I was. Earlier we had made her a bed on the couch in the front room, next to the kitchen, because I was working up there. This is Christmas-related, because usually she's up late alone, online, listening to music, drawing, watching TV and such.

She's tired. She went with me, Keith and four of our friends on a carolling trip. I'm glad she went. She sang some, too, when they were songs she knew at all. Some of the things we did were madrigaloid, complex things. Sometimes we did The Holly and the Ivy (she knows that), King Wenceslas (she's getting it), and The First Noel (ditto).

Kirby was playing World of Warcraft online with friends (who were also online, but not here). Marty was at work, most of the time we were gone. He was super tired, after his first four days of work, all at least eight hours, and today was the most hectic of all. He went to sleep quickly and peacefully.

Kirby's still awake, I think, but playing quietly.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, and I'm looking forward to sleeping too. That's cool--I don't dread either one. Everyone has chosen a time and place to sleep, and I think everyone will be happy to wake up. Good.

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carolyn said...

Happy Christmas, Sandra, and a Good 2006.