Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Twenty Years? Wow.

Kirby's 20th birthday is on the 29th. Holly and I were looking through photos of when he was little. Some of them were new to her. She really liked this one, so I thought I'd share it. With three teens, it's fun to have a reminder of when motherhood was new.

My memories of having a baby are not a part of Kirby's memories, and that's interesting to me. Kirby doesn't remember it any more than Holly, who wasn't even born then. I think of that sometimes about me and my mom. I do have a couple of very early memories, but two or three moments, out of the first two years. My mom had hundreds of memories, and notes, and letters, and photos.

Kirby's infancy was important to him, but not in a way of which he's consciously aware. The change in me, though, from being childless to being Kirby's mom changed me, and friendships I had, my awarenesses and appreciation of other mother/child relationships, and my status with other relatives. Now he's not a baby. He's not a toddler or a little boy anymore. Soon he won't even be a teenager anymore.


PenneArdICS said...

Oh, I adore that photo -- Holly picked out a keeper ;) Nike turned 20 back in February; I may have mentioned that she got tickets to the Train concert for her birthday present. In fact, that's the last entry in her blog, Cloudless Rain. Isn't it great when life is so full there's barely time to stop and write it all down?! I'm glad you took a moment to post this pic -- here's a blast from Nike's past, being held by big brother Brandon after the big event (first sibling to attend a birth at VMC :)


Anonymous said...

Wow thats a long time, and nice pic ;)