Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two Weeks, and other things

Same-same, but two weeks instead of three. I'm ready enough to do it now. I'll be more ready then.

Kirby bought a new computer. A Gateway with a spiffy new-style screen and a zippy video card. He's been rearranging the desk-end of his room. I hope he sleeps a little before morning because he was sick early in the week. He missed a day of work.

Holly's the sickest of the three of them, and Marty hurt his foot somehow, so came home from work early today. Rather he went in even though he was limping and in pain, because from 6:30 to 10:00 he's the only checker. At 10:00 he came home, let me put mineral ice on him, sat in a recliner with his foot up, and watched 16 Blocks with me. Ah... Bruce Willis and Mos Def. Nice combo.

Everyone was eating leftover chicken noodle soup I made last night. I wish I had eaten more of it. It was good, but I figured those individual-serving-sized sets of leftovers should be for sick kids. If I'd had a bigger pot, I might've made more.

Kirby seems all recovered after only three days, so that bodes well for the others.

I worked on Thinking Sticks today, and web pages. One is to sell and the other's out there free and open. I recently went through and touched up the typical days pages. Added borders to all and art to a few. Repaired old links and references. It was fun to read them again. Inspiring. Another, less important, is

Several other things happened, but all peaceful and fairly quiet and comforting and I'm tired now.


Schuyler said...

I like the layered picture of the climbing white morning glories (there is bindweed everywhere here, is it bindweed or morning glories in ABQ?). It reminds me of a set of David Hockney photocollages that Billy Connolly was looking at in Saltaire. They are if you want to look at them.


Sandra Dodd said...

That is certainly a not-to-scale page. The white ones are moonflowers, and the flowers are six or seven inches wide. They open at night. There were five last night, and I'm really excited that I got them to grow.

Right below the monflowers are some tiny "bush morning glories" that don't twine and stay near the ground. Those blooms are an inch across, but as I presented them, they're bigger than moonflowers. oops!

If the photos overlapped artfully (or irritatingly) on your computer, it wasn't planned, though. I just chucked the links into a file, and on mine they separate out like mis-matched tiles. There was a pre-formatted page before but it was kind of dark and funereal, and had music.

Melissa said...

I have been trying to get Moonflowers to grow forever! How did you get yours started? Looks like you have a net for them to crawl but how did you get them to start? New to the climbing variety..

Sandra Dodd said...

I looked on the internet (I LOVE the internet!) for how people were growing moonflowers. I soak the seeds in water for a whole day (24 hours or so), and then put them into a ziploc bag with a wet paper towel. I didn't seal it totally, but also didn't prop it open.

Some would already by sprouting by then. I'd leave them in with the wet paper towel for several days, by which time most would have a root and some a shoot, and the put them in largish peat pots. When the seedlings were strong (and those seedings are BIG) I'd put them outside.

I'm putting this info and some more here: