Sunday, December 31, 2006

Clear Skies! Icicles...

Last night when Marty was stuck in the snow, the moon was barely discernable through the thick clouds.
When we got in the hot tub at 10:00, the sky was entirely clear and we could see stars.

This morning it's clear and sunny and 19 degrees. Still, sun will win (or start to make a dent).

Keith has gone to clean the driveway of a friend who's been at a family reunion and is in an electric wheelchair. I hope others show up there too. They'll need to clean a 25 foot driveway and the sidewalk and the porch, but it's doable.

Marty's home, and it didn't hurt that Keith got my van out, so Marty could come in on the same tracks and get the clear spot in the driveway.

The steps were cleaned off halfway through the storm, for fire escape purposes. Having company and a roaring fire and snow keeping doors from opening seemed a bad combination to me, so Keith cleared our exits. He's a good guy.

Below is a photograph of the firewood in the mulberry tree. Four sticks show. There may be five or six, but I couldn't spot them. There's still more snow higher up, where it didn't fall down when I tried knocking it down.


Megan said...

I love your blog...this is my first time commenting, though. Do you have any big goals for 2007? I would love to hear about that! Good luck with the snow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra. Dave's car got stuck too. Even today...what 5 days after the storm, my car was slipping and sliding down our little street. We probably have 4 inches of ice. Crazy but wonderful. I love it.

bacwoodz said...

I am amazed at all the snow you have! Here in PA we haven't had even a flurry. It was so warm today - in the high 60's! We watched a news show attributing our wierd weather to El Nino. The kids are really ready for snow - but I think I could do without it!

Do you normally have snow in NM?


Sandra Dodd said...

Usually we have two or three light snows, but this year we had a big one, a REALLY big one, and another one in just a couple of weeks. This last summer it rained like crazy, too.

The last two really big snows I know of were when I was 17 and when Kirby was one. So I think 1971 and 1987.

There's foot-deep snow from time to time, but it usually melts faster than this has.