Friday, August 24, 2007

Kirby, internet, phones

Continuing on the thoughts of modern technology...
Even servicemen deployed to other countries have occasional chances to e-mail and phone. I think of situations in other times and places and I'm very grateful for electronic communications.

I talked with Kirby several times yesterday, and it was nice for me to be able to be helpful to him even so far away. When I asked him for his mailing address, there was a female voice on the other side helping him figure it all out. I don't know if she works there or is one of the other Albuquerque transplants (there are several) or what. He lives the Promontory Point apartments at 2250 Ridgepoint Dr. So I tried to look them up to see photos but didn't find photos. I did find apartment reviews/commentary, so I know that some people love the place and others don't--about 50/50. There are bugs. Sometimes the pool isn't cleaned often enough. A repair guy someone really liked changed jobs last spring or sometime and isn't there anymore.

I feel like a spy.

Kirby's a very easygoing guy, though, and gets along with people well, so I don't think he'll have any problem requesting assistance or waiting patiently until he gets it. That's good for Kirby. It makes his life better and makes him a good customer service guy, too. When we've needed to call a tech line here, if it's anything besides Apple care (I'm the only one with a Mac, and their support people are wonderful), Kirby usually does it because he's very patient. He and Keith will try to keep me from being the one to call, and I'm glad to let them. I get frustrated being on hold and asked the list of questions that make no sense in light of my problem. Kirby and Keith will just answer them all. But now Kirby's gone.

Mapquest showed me that he's by a freeway and Anderson, which looks like a big street. I feel like I could find him if I needed to.

I'm keeping AIM (AOL instant messenger) open to see if he shows up there. More harmless surveillance.


Sierra Mama said...

Have you seen this link? It has some pictures but you have to register.

diana-still-evolving said...

Have you tried Google Earth?? I understand you can see almost anywhere on the planet -- surely Austin, TX -- up close and personal with it!!
(that's was scotty's suggestion, btw, on what HE'd do to see where his kid lived!)