Sunday, September 23, 2007

My day, my week

Weird, dramatic, almost-all-happy week...

The moon, tonight:

The sky the other direction:

Holly, a little while before and after that (click to enlarge):

Sometimes in the past few days I was worried and sad and forgot to breathe, and other times I remembered with gratitude the good times and advantages and joys of various relationships and I breathed and was better. If I had magic, I would spread it around and keep those who have ever trusted or depended on me *even a little bit* safe and calm and at peace.

The best I can do sometimes is to try to gather my wits and my stuff and my family and my emotions and be still and be grateful.


kelli said...

Sorry you had stress this week. Maybe you should schedule a vacation in this home in northern MN that I know of :)

Wait! You have! Can't wait to see you guys and sending you happy calm thoughts.

Madeline Rains said...

What beautiful pictures. How cool that you have that little ecosystem in the middle of your road.

Your post has reminded me to thank you for reminding me to breathe on your peaceful parenting cassette. That was a new concept for me at the time. : )

And many days, when I forget, I have to relearn it. sigh. I'll be a breathing fool by the time mine have children.

Colleen Paeff said...

You do have magic. It's in the words you write and the experiences you share. As someone who is ankle deep in week four of deschooling and having one heck of a hard time--me not my son--your writing definitely helps me to find a sense of peace. Today, however, the voice of doubt was yelling so loud I lost it for a while. Thank you for reminding me to be still and grateful--I needed it!