Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween and other spooky things

Halloween used to be more fun when all the homeschoolers were in one discussion pool.
After shunning psychology for years, some of Halloween's detractors have adopted it (an outdated form), and plan to condition their children to think about Jesus (and other Biblical figures) when they eat certain candy and see jack-o-lanterns.
Wait... only click that link if your kids' Halloween costumes are ready, because you might be in there a while.

Scary, but amusing, about "Peaceful Parenting"

DOH! This was intended for the unschooling site news blog. I'll leave this, and put it over there too.

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Bob Collier said...

Good luck to Nancy Buck if she hopes to keep track of everybody who publicly employs the phrase 'peaceful parenting'.

Perhaps I should let her know about the Facebook group of that name. I'm pretty sure at least a few of its approximately 1,300 members would be happy to suggest to Dr. Buck what she can do with her registered trademark. ;)