Thursday, November 01, 2007

Marty has left town *again*

Marty is on his way to Portland and then Corvallis, to hang out with unschoolers he knows.

He'll miss Holly's birthday tomorrow, and will miss another couple of things this week, and will return Wednesday night, the 7th.

He's wonderful and I'll miss him. When he gets home he's going to Las Cruces for the weekend for an SCA event. He's a busy, happy guy.


hahamommy said...

Mary's on her way to pick him up right now, with Patrick from ID :) We're counting the minutes til he arrives! thanks again for sharing ;) Next time, *you* come too!! :D

Zenmomma said...

And he's on his way back to you now. He took the shuttle to the airport and his flight leaves in a little while. We had lots of fun. :o)