Saturday, February 19, 2011

"pretty good for an unschooler"?

Thinking and thinking, after ten days of meeting with and talking to other unschoolers, I have a couple of things to save for future use.

One is that my kids didn't do well for unschoolers. They're doing well for anyone. They're doing well as people. I think 'Pretty good, for an unschooler' is kind of an insulting thought.

And the other is about "screen time"—a term I've heard too many times in the past week. I posted this on Always Learning:
"I wasn't pro-TV..."

I'm not pro-TV, I'm anti-anti.

I didn't make that response verbally, but the next time someone talks about not being pro-something, I hope I'll remember it.

The negativity added to the equation of a mom (especially) declaring that she is not for, or against, (something) is always (I think) negativity.

And here are some gratuitous photos, all from Philadelphia on the 16th.

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