Thursday, August 30, 2012

"A guy where a tree should be"

Noise and voices and I went out and there was red "DANGER" tape in the alley, around both our back gates.

Our neighbor, Betty, is having five Arizona Cypress trees taken down. There goes some of our shade and privacy, but also there goes the sap they used to leave on the deck and steps on the west side of the house. Small advantage.

Holly and I slipped under their danger-tape to go to the grocery store, and I asked her to take a photo of the guy up there, when we got back.

Holly called the photo "a guy where a tree should be."

Our yard is still really shady. Will's mom was over last weekend and told Holly we had an East Mountain house, in town. I suppose it might be the trees. :-)
Update. One tree is still there.
I think maybe we should put bamboo over there (giant reed grass) to grow up as a barrier and some shade. Sheeeesh..... it's sunny where it wasn't sunny before.


Anonymous said...

It's a drag losing such nice shade. The sap . . . not so much! But the shade lasts longer than the sap ;-).


Heather said...

The only trouble with bamboo is the leaves falling all over. If you have a porch or patio to keep clean. Big,long leaves. The bamboo is invasive to other yards. I have very tall bamboo. I love it. It's makes a lovely bamboo "forest".

Sandra Dodd said...

We've decided to go with watering our vines (silver leaf and virginia creeper) which used to be in the shade, but now are shocked by the sun, and getting them to fill up their fence. No bamboo. No tree.