Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart-shaped "gifts"

I'm backdating this to Valentine's Day so it won't show up after the video of the Dodd/Sorooshian kids. :-)

Renee Cabatic's cat coughed up a heart-shaped hairball. So Sweet! I wanted to save it in the same place as a heart-shaped animal offering I photographed a few years back.

Renee wrote:

My amazing cat lovingly vomited up this heart shaped hair ball on Valentine's day. I'm not even kidding.

Notes, from something on facebook, where I had suggested a positive attitude, rather than a "same shit, different day" outlook. There had been a calendar advertised with the same turd photo for every month.

Someone said her artistic instinct was to have a fresh (as it were) turd every day, if she were making the calendar. I wrote:

But philosophically, then, you couldn't say "same old shit." It would be new and different shit. Cheerier, I suppose, as such things go.

Sometimes it's special, though. Remarkable shit. I was staying in my own room, with my own bathroom, with a shower, 13th floor, Bangalore, during Diwali--fireworks for HOURS every night (way more sound than light). Because the marble-floored terrace/balcony outside my door had plexiglass guards and not just open ironwork, I had the puppy with me. She was afraid of the fireworks, but had also done enough damage to the floors in this very nice, big apartment where I was. FINALLY, the third morning, she went where she was supposed to! It was sweet, it was charming, it was...

 photo DSC00909.jpg

If you make a turd-a-day calendar, a SCATological year... you have my permission to use this one. Maybe February 14th.

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