Monday, March 25, 2013

Peeps used to be yellow...

Peeps used to be yellow, long years ago. Then there were some pink ones. Now several colors. But in all those yeara I never thought about this thing (in a photo by Kyra Traaseth of the makings of s'mores, at their house):

I did think to photograph the display at Albertson's near our house, though, to share with my non-Peeps-familiar friends. Glad Kyra's photo reminded me to bring them out.

From a distance it looks like a basket, and that's sweet. The closer you get, though, same old Peeps.

People who are out of Peeps-range would never have needed to know had it not been for Youtube, and things like this (and please note that Jesus and the Pope are portrayed by yellow Peeps, so the other colors are not made in the image of God. Plato's ideal Peep would have been yellow. Jung's archetypical Peep... same):

Here's something quite recent:

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