Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good use of my book

I don't know where to put this, so lest I lose it I'm putting it here.

Marta Pires put it on my facebook page. Marta wrote that Ivan is "her sweet four year old son."

Sandra, a friend of mine (Ana Telhado) wrote me an e-mail yesterday and it was the sweetest thing! I asked her if I could translate what she wrote and post it on your wall and she said yes:
"I loved the video (your "Doing Unschooling Right" video with Portuguese subtitles) and the Portuguese page! And everything you sent me. Fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

Last night, when Ivan realized that I was getting impatient because I had so much to do and he was still awake, he said 'I've got an idea Mommy, I'll be right back'. He went downstairs, while I was washing the dishes in a less-than-joyful manner, and he went to fetch Sandra Dodd's book, the one you lent me, and he said 'Take a look in here to see what we can do now'. So sweet! It just melted me and my irritation disappeared."
I hope you'll meet each other at the symposium! :)

Here are the things referenced:
"Doing Unschooling Right" video with Portuguese subtitles
the Portuguese page
The book
The symposium!

Marta added another note:
Just wanted to add that when Ana said that she's loving "everything you sent me", she was referring to me and another friend of ours, Cátia Maciel. (English doesn't have a plural you, tst, tst, tst) That might have helped too, having two people she trusted (I think) tell her the same things and showing her that these changes are possible and do lead to a more joyful and peaceful life

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