Monday, September 28, 2015

Devyn's big baking day

Bread (behind her on the counter, in some photos) and cupcakes. Devyn had seen a Youtube video about cupcake decorating, and we went and got what we didn't already have to make them just like those. Hers are much prettier!


Sylvia said...

Those look so colorful and yummy! Which video did she watch? Can you post a link? I love to watch cooking and crafting videos on YouTube. You two look like a great team!

Sandra Dodd said...

She finds videos with voice entry on the Disney channel. It was by some of the people who do the toy videos, and open the surprise packets, but for some reason they were decorating cupcakes.

Sometimes she watches videos of food made with Play Doh, and sometimes real cooking. One day she had borrowed my phone to play with while we were driving, and I could hear that she was watching a video about how to separate eggs, so when we got home I let her do that. We put them back together and scrambled them, but a few days later we made waffles with a recipe that required beating egg whites. It's fun to help her do simple little things that she's so interested in. My own kids weren't much interested in cooking.