Friday, January 08, 2016

Small world (thanks to google, and random luck!)

I was playing on the Lyrics Game group (something I set up) on Facebook. The play was "bird," or any specific bird.

I played
Little bird, little bird, in the cinnamon tree
Little bird, little bird, do you sing for me

—Man of La Mancha
Then I thought (on a Friday morning in Albuquerque) that I had never seen a cinnamon tree, and didn't even know what one looked like.

So I googled cinnamon tree, clicked on images, looked down a few rows and saw this very cool bird, and thought I should send the photo to Robbie Prieto. I clicked it so I could go to its source page, but the page was loading very slowly.

Without having read the URL above in the search bar, I looked more closely at the photo while I was waiting.
It said: "Mommy Labs / Rashmie Jaaju".

I know her! I know that blog! Rashmie Jaaju is a homeschooling mom in India.
I don't know Rashmie in person, but we've corresponded by e-mail quite a bit. She interviewed me for her blog, and they're some of the best interviews ever.

That was quite a nice coincidence, and surprising. That connects Robbie (a young friend in New Hampshire) to a girl in Goa, as dot-connecting goes.

I still don't know what kind of bird it is, but Robbie might. Or I might hear back from Rashmie. When it's late morning here, it's the middle of the night in India.

Here are the interviews of me, on that blog, with Rashmi Jaaju's graphics from those pages as links. There are other photos of me and my family there as well.

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