Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dear Sandra, don't cry

Helpful agent of Yahoo Small Business website management wrote:
Sandra, there are exactly 7767 files on your file manager and it includes all the HTML pages, images and all media files.
OH my gosh.
Helpful agent:
There are approx 5547 HTML pages on your website which are available on your file manager.

I had told him I thought there were over 2,000 pages.
What I was smugly thinking was "Over 3,000 and maybe over 4,000."

No, 5547 pages. Now all screwed up. Maybe temporarily screwed up.

This morning I woke up to a newly-designed interface, for file creation and editing. "New improved" has not sounded good to me for a long time.

Accented characters aren't working.
Emdashes aren't working.

I am assured that my concerns will be passed on to the developers. In the meantime, I'm sorry to those who use my pages and now will see little diamonds with question marks in them, and odd series of characters where other normal keyboard symbols ought to be.
And to make that code to the left do something besides just look like another dash, I needed all this:

I told my helpful helper, even when I thought I had around 3,000 pages, that I was 65 and would not live long enough to go through and change every keyboard symbol to ascii code. Every — to — ? On 5,547 pages?

And "page" in most minds (mine, used to be) is like one side of a piece of paper, with 300 words or fewer. No, many of these webpages would print out to 10 or 20 "pages" (or more) in that old sense. These pages can be chapters. Books.

I'm too afraid to even peek at the pages in Spanish or French. I sure hope they can fix it.

Something new and cheery! A new blog to collect photos of zia symbols (the design on the New Mexico state flag) and photos of pickups (especially back-yard pickups).
Zias and Pickups (ziathings.blogspot.com)

And the older but also still busy and pretty

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