Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fifteen moonflowers, leaving town

The moonflowers aren't leaving town; we are. Soon. Driving to St. Louis (which is easier to say and remember than "Driving to a place in Illinois that's basically in St. Louis").

Fifteen moonflowers, which is very exciting, and now we'll miss them for seven or eight nights. Friends of ours will see them, though; part of the benefit of housesitting. (Small but unusual benefit.) And barring any freak early-October freeze, we'll see lots of moonflowers when we come home.

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Carolyn said...

Those are really lovely flowers, I haven't seen anything quite like that before. Our balcony is bare now, all my pelars are inside, about half waiting transport to Stockholm on Saturday, where we have rented some nursery space for the winter. We had our first frost about 2 weeks ago, but it's warmed back up a bit.