Tuesday, February 21, 2006

They're Back!

At first I was lonely; the house was too quiet.
For two days I was THRILLED; the house was big freedom.

The Lovejoys arrived from South Carolina on Saturday and that day wasn't too busy; they were tired.
Sunday was busy, busy, busy and my legs hurt at the end of it, but we had gone for a walk, scouted some wood that Keith and I can retrieve later, had homemade banana pancakes, gone to Sandia Crest the back way, found some snow (not much), went to Garduño's (always fun), worked on a sewing project, watched videos, ate sorbet out of its fruit's own own peel (I don't know how to say that)... and that was a big, busy day.

Monday, the Lovejoys went to the Old Town Albuquerque Hotel, or the Hotel Albuquerque of Old Town or whatever its current name turns out to be, where the conference will be in September. They'll be back in various combinations over the next several days before flying back home Sunday. (Also flying Sunday: Marty to Long Beach, to go to Legoland with Pam and Rosie Sorooshian.)

But also on Monday, Keith and the kids came back, tired yet energized, full of stories, seeming bigger than usual, taller than I remembered, braver than I remembered. It was exciting to see them so... not thinking of a better word than "big." Things had gone well and they were embiggened.

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