Sunday, January 28, 2007


I've always liked and feared cameras. Camera stories are traumatic for me; my first one was stolen when I was little, and I've had other camera-bad-luck.

Holly took that photo of herself inside a play-tent she has. She got it out to check its condition in preparation for taking it to her babysitting job tomorrow. They've been making tents of sheets, but Holly had a pop-up play tent she bought with her own money several years ago. One stick was missing, so we trimmed a broken yardstick to fit. I was enjoying seeing what it was doing to her hair.

Thursday night Marty took some photos without flash of a candlelit thing we were doing here, and I'm thrilled to have those. He took photos, I uploaded them, and then the camera died. So we (Holly and I) got another one Saturday so I could take photos of Marty dressed up, and because we've just become very accustomed to taking photos. Is it another addiction? A dependency? It's a tool. I don't like to be without my customary tools, starting with spoons, going through hammers to scissors to small kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer... working automobile.

I certainly remember NOT having many tools, when we were younger and poorer.

Some of the photos from Thursday are here: It's a local SCA project I'm doing, so in that context I'm AElflaed, Keith is Gunwaldt and Marty is Bardolf. I named Kirby and Holly normally because they were downstairs playing Wii and board games with some other kids.

The new camera has an operational macro function and zoom. Good. I need to take flower photos in a few months. By "need" I mean need to in order to feel satisfaction about blogs and webpages.

This new camera can get some good detals on closeups.

(I don't know if much detail can show up here at this size.)

The thought of learning a new camera exhausts me. The booklet is too, too long and the print is too, too small. Maybe I'm just getting too, too old. It's a Fujifilm FinePix S 5200 for those who might've been curious. I bought it because Consumer Reports liked the make.


Miranda said...

The girls loved the picture of Holly! BTW, I am tagging you for a meme. Check out my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

Cool-same exact camera I have! I got it with my tax refund last year and I agree... that instruction book is intimidating. I STILL haven't read more than a few pages in it! Too bad we don't live close enough to work on figuring it out together. Great pictures, though. The video blips are even decent. Hope you enjoy yours, too!