Sunday, January 07, 2007

Swirly Life

This September blog entry was shown on a giant screen and discussed in Dan Vilter's internet talk at the Live and Learn conference last fall, but I didn't hear that part until today, January 7. He said, "Look at that--picture of your truck!" (I was in the room, and heard lots of the talk, but people kept asking me questions, because I was by the main door, so I'm glad I have the recordings, and decided to listen to some of them today.)

My whole online life lacks immediacy. Here I'm writing about last September. I've been editing and putting up things I wrote in 1991 and that. On the other hand, I answer list posts pretty quickly, and I've put two little articles online today that were written yesterday.

Dan said "I wonder if she talked about us in her blog." What I did was make a page of Dan's online stuff: which is linked several places, principally here:

As much as I use the internet every single day, I just don't use it very linearally. Neither is my website very linear. Neither is my mind. All swirly...

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