Sunday, September 03, 2006

Extraordinary Wetness

Where the yard is usually dust or hard ground, things grew this year.

Birdseed the birds knocked out of the feeder sprouted and is now producing flowers and grain without our ever having watered it once.

The fact that I'm remarking on this... well... I suppose people in most of the world would think "yeah, that's what seed does, if it falls," but honestly, that's not what seed usually does where *I* live!

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Sandra Dodd said...

This blog entry was shown in Dan Vilter's talk at the conference last fall, but I didn't hear it until today, January 7. My whole online life lacks immediacy. I've been editing and putting up things I wrote in 1992 and that.

Dan said "I wonder if she talked about us in her blog." What I did was make a page of Dan's online stuff: which is linked several places, primarily here:

As much as I use the internet every single day, I just don't use it very linearally. Neither is my website and its related this'n'that very linear. Neither is my mind.