Thursday, September 21, 2006

Albuquerque Today

Holly and I went on errands in a leisurely fashion. There were beautiful flowers by the freeway, thanks to freakishly abundant rain. It was an unremarkable day, but it occurred to me that some of my friends who miss Albuquerque might want some familiar glimpses, on an unremarkable day. Those from elsewhere might find it exotic, or boring, but sometimes 'boring' is a big comfort!

These are thumbnails of bigger (but not better) photos:






The last one has the antenna-guy Holly made next to the Blake's guy! Unplanned, and very cool.


Rinnyboo said...

Ooh..pretty flowers..I think they are called Blanket Flower or Gallardia..but you might already know that. I have tried to include them in my yard but my husband always kills them in some weird way. One year he dropped a dead tree limb on them as part of a Halloween graveyard. Oh well, I will have some eventually I suppose.

Sandra Dodd said...

I did not know their name, thanks!
I think the side of the freeway usually kills them in some weird way, but about 1/3 of the way down the Tramway entrance ramp to I-40 west there are about three times that many if anyone wants to go and liberate them, collect seeds, or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I always loved the idea of Paul Bunyan in Albuquerque. He and the Aztec motel always made me smile when I'd pass them driving.

Anonymous said...

For clarity, I was the one driving, never Paul Bunyan or the Aztec Motel