Monday, March 05, 2007

I just forget to post...

Sometimes I'm too busy to post, and sometimes I just plainly forget. Holly and Marty have both been taking photos of doings in which I've been involved. I like that. Here I am, speaking in Arizona, taken by Holly from way in back of the room without a flash. Not bad considering that. She's trying to be unobtrusive and all. Pretty successful.

Marty and Holly (and sometimes Brett and Sadie) have taken most of the photos of a series of SCA presentations I've organized on Thursday nights lately. It's very cool that they can be documented after the fact, for people who missed them, and maybe even more valuably for people who were there. I just love the internet; I love digital cameras; I'm glad my kids are willing and able to help.

Some of those photos can be seen here:
Ballads, Estrella War History, tales of courtesy...

I think I took these myself. All my kids show, and several others some of this blog's readers will know:
Period music session, and more from that evening (some taken by the kids) are here.

I've been doing lots of SCA the past several months, and really enjoying it. I've met some great new people and seen lots of learning, close up, which I love. I've had opportunities to hang out with people I had missed, when I wandered off in disgust a few years back, and some of those I was so irritated with have grown up and past some of the problems of before (and some of them missed me, too). Marty and Holly have both been more active too, even to the point of being interested in SCA philosophy discussions. It's been a thrill and a comfort all at the same time.

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