Friday, March 30, 2007

time, anniversary, SCA students

Wow. Time flies. Not always at the same speed. And when I was little, time crawled. So did I. I still can't fly. Time flies, though.

Which of these seems better for a directory photo for an unschooling conference?

Holly likes them both. The one of them up on the roof is newer, and the other was at the zoo in October, on a playset. How can my little babies be so big? I know how, and I was right here the whole time, but still...

Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Those people up above are two of our three offspring. Pretty good deal. Yet I'm not going out with my husband on our anniversary. Something better came along. Not better than Keith, but better than going to a restaurant and a movie. Movie theaters aren't as fun for Keith as they used to be because of eye problems, and one thing he likes more than anything is to have time to himself, so I'm taking Holly and some SCA friends and going to a nearby town for many hours where I can be with people as I love, and Keith can have a quiet day as he loves. It's a fine plan.

Keith and I met in the SCA nearly thirty years ago, and have been involved in that organization the whole time. We've separately gone through short periods of finding other things more important and desireable, and I was doing all unschooling and no SCA for a few years (though I still clothed and provisioned others in the family who were going to events, and still did some counseling and advisement of friends and that sort of base-camp help).

Lately, though, I've been back and fully active, and Saturday instead of hanging around with my longtime SCA-buddy and husband, I'm going to a tournament and feast and making a new student, Lady Kymma Godric. That's Kymma in the middle.
On the right is Karl, who's been my student for seven weeks. It seems like six months because he's done and learned so much and been so helpful. Sometimes time slows down so we can really remember the good parts.

Then there's Dermod, also an important part of this group. He's Artan's squire, but secondarily to that, he's asked to be my student in the areas of virtue and philosophy and the fun stuff. (fun for me)

It's ironic, I know, to spend so much time and energy getting away from "teaching" and "teacher" modes and then to formally engage in teacher/student situations, but in the SCA, it's different. It's more an apprenticeship relationship, without the specifics of one narrow area of endeavor. It's mentoring, in a whole-SCA-life kind of way.

I've had students in the past, and never planned to have more, but these three are awesome and inspiring, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to share with them what I know and have. I didn't know my life could be bigger and better, but they've made it so.


e.tofa said...

i say the 2nd photo-it shows such fun & zeal!

happy happy ANN!! keep rockin the years on!

Anonymous said...

I like the first photo.
Your anniversary is the same as mine! Only, ours is 13 years.
Congrats! And have a happy day!

Melissa said...

I like the sunset one. The metaphor of being outside in the wide open for unschooling just clicks.

the Goddess diana said...

The first photo isn't the same without knowing Marty had called her there to witness the beauty with him... the second one captures their personalities more clearly, IMNSHO :)

Thanks for marrying Keith. I thank him for marrying You. 'twas the day the Doddess was born in you :D
Thanks for becoming an *always becoming* family. - well, I guess I'm most thankful you share it all with the rest of us!! ♥

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

I like both pictures, can you put one on the front cover and one on the back? The bottom photo looks like a Hello and the top one looks like a Goodbye.

Sandra Dodd said...

It's for inclusion in a booklet of attendees at the Live and Learn Conference. Marty and Holly are going so we need to send a photo.

Deanne said...

Happy Anniversary! As for the picture, why not them decide?

Deanne said...

"Them" meaning Holly and Marty, of course. ;)

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-Holly likes them both.-=-
Marty doesn't have a preference and has arguments for both. They asked me. I couldn't decide. That's why I put it out for other opinions.

Katy said...

The first one is peaceful, the second one is fun. I'd go with the second unless there will be a caption with it, then the first with the story of Marty calling Holly. I don't think the directory pictures have captions though...

Happy Aniversary!

N said...

I like the second one best. They both look so happy, and you can see their faces well.

Happy anniversary!


Deanne said...

Oh...I wasn't clear that the decision was handed over to you! Well, since you're having trouble deciding too, LOL, I add my vote for number two. ;)

(Wow, is there any form of the word to/two/to I DIDN'T use in that TWO sentence post?!)

Glenda said...

My vote is for the second one -- I love their smiles!

Anniversary greetings to you and your sweetie.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I seem to be in the minority preferring the top one, although they are both very nice. My reason is that it seems more current, while the funny face one looks like Marty a couple of conferences ago, and I have never seen Holly being goofy (my loss!) but I have seen her pensive expression and elegance. I think choose the photo that captures most closely how they will look at the conference since it is for the directory.

hestiahomeschool said...

I like the second picture.

We belong to a historical reenactment group that does Scottish immigrants to the Appalachian mountains. It is a lot of fun.