Friday, April 13, 2007

late night Marty-laundry

It's nearly 1:30 and I'm staying up until Marty's laundry's done. Tomorrow is his last day of work. I realized just now that I put four days' worth of work clothes in the laundry, for one last day of work.

Monday the 2nd, Marty gave two weeks' notice at the grocery store where he works. He will have been there for sixteen months, nearly.

I could have failed to notice the clothes, or told him to do them himself, but he worked today, and got the box of Anachronism cards he's been waiting for and was going through those, and then got dressed and drove several of us to the Thursday night SCA meeting I've been organizing (tonight's was on research and is here), where he arranged furniture, took photos and moved heavy luggage to another vehicle for our visiting friend, and then went to play basketball with friends, and is sleeping so he can get up at 5:30 and go to work for the last time at this job.

There he is between Holly and Sadie, just a few hours before now.

Marty's a good guy.


Anonymous said...

What's he going to do next? You've got great kids.

Zenmomma said...

Marty is a cool guy. He's still coming up here next week?

Sandra Dodd said...

Marty's in Oregon now, at Zenmomma's conference. Thanks for the kind words. He's a sweetie, and I miss him. Diana Jenner sent me a photo of him yesterday which was very nice of her to do.