Friday, April 20, 2007

Not another hobby!

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I had so much fun at a woodworking workshop last night it has stressed me out. I want to finish the spoon I was given to work on. I don't want to do anything else. Only thing is, I'm promised to do so many things in the next month I can't even think about the spoon. There is a spoon. I need for there not to be a spoon. That spoon's got to wait, but it's calling me.

Those tools were cool. Cabinet scrapers--who'd've known!?

I would like to get to the point of needing to melt bees wax shavings into mineral oil, but there are writing and sewing and cooking and making the follow-up webpage on the woodcarving workshop (which will be linked on the right side of, but isn't built yet).

Maybe what I'll have is an unfinished spoon, new experience and terminology, some photos and some memories of one of those times when learning just showered around like fireworks.

And yes, that IS how I dress to do woodwork. (Well, this time I did.) Years ago I did some carving on panels--hippie stuff. I like wood. Keith likes wood and messes it with it quite a bit, but I haven't been. Some of Keith's stuff is here: I guess I should leave it to those for whom it's one of their first few hobbies, and stick with my own, and consider tonight's excitement to have been a crash course in woodwork appreciation. Jack Knapp (who, dressed as he was, is Sir Jochen von Balduinseck) was the woodworker who gave us this opportunity, and who made the not-quite-finished spoons we got to work on and keep. Some of the fancy spoons he's made are shown here.

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Glenda said...

The spoon of Jack's that you have the larger picture of is gorgeous.

Keith's stuff is so detailed and is just fantastic.

I've never done woodworking, but, from looking at their work, I would imagine it'd be an enjoyable hobby in which to get engrossed.