Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holly's Music list

Here, through the wonders of html and, is the music mentioned by me yesterday and confirmed by Kelli. A couple of days ago Marty was listening to it and he said the list was representative of all the music that my three kids liked. He seemed a bit embarrassed that "lap dance" is there, but I think it's more about politics than sex, if you listen to the lyrics, and he also made reference to This is Your Brain on Music and said there's something attractive and good about it, musically.

Holly's MySpace is restricted, but this blog isn't, and I think if she changes her playlist this one will change automatically, too, but she has stuff from the late 50's to now, and several different styles. She has it set to random. I really REALLY like some of these, and might not have heard them without Holly's intro (and a few I introduced her to, or Marty or Kirby did, or others reading here probably).

WARNING! When I checked to see if this showed up okay, Classico by Tenacious D started. DANGER, DANGER! Rough crazy F-word humor. But there's a "skip track" button on it, and you can scroll up or down and click on a song you want to hear.


Sandra Dodd said...

A year (or a week) from now, Holly might have changed her list, so I wanted to name a few songs that I particularly like that I hadn't known until I heard them on Holly's list:

"Almost," by Bowling for Soup
"I Will Follow You into the Dark," by Death Cab for Cutie
"Fidelity," by Regina Spektor
and I like Alien Ant Farm's version of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal."

cris said...

holly sings nearly all the time, except when she's talking :)
she likes radio in our car: from cape cod, "cool classic hits" (softish rock);, brown university sponsored, commercial, alt rock; and classic rock ("hair in your lunch" at noon daily )

Sandra Dodd said...

I had this by e-mail from Holly this morning:

"Before Cris told me you added my project playlist to your blog, I had edited and deleted the bad links... There were four- Almost, I will follow you into the dark, Darling Nikki, and Fidelity.
Sorry! you couldn't have heard them anyways, but now you can't even see that they were there."

So I'm really glad I made my list yesterday. Please replace "a year (or a week)" with "a day" because it was changed way sooner than I thought and 3/4 of my favorites are gone!

I love the immediacy of the internet, and the current opportunity to share images and music, but I don't love its impermanency.

I must away to iTunes now; farewell...

Ren Allen said...

Trevor and M have been suggesting songs to add to each others playlists. He has over 2,500 songs on his computer now...crazy guy.

I love that Death Cab For Cutie song (I will Follow you...), Holly's got good taste.:

Madeline Rains said...

I had been wanting to know who sang "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" after hearing it on the radio. Thankyou! Now I will add it you my list on my blog (once my Harry Potter celebration is over with accompanying "Harry and the Potters" music)

Holly definitely got your great- writing gene.