Monday, March 03, 2008

Back from Arizona

I'm home from having spoken at the HENA conference in Tempe, Arizona. It was fun, and tiring. It was a satisfying kind of work-out, though. I went up and down those stairs LOTS, and spoke at the end of whichever hall it might be, way at the end. I was completely exhausted last night. I was asleep in the airport until Kirby called. I was asleep on the plane until they landed. I was practically walking in my sleep when Brett found me (I could've seen Holly easier in my sleep). They were nice to pick me up at the airport so midnightish. This morning I'm only kind of exhausted.

Notes will be here, and are beginning to be already.

I got to visit with Pam Sorooshian lots, and that was great. We told the latest on our kids until late into the night one night, and discussed the philosophical intricacies of helping other people understand unschooling another night. We're just that way.

My friend Lori Taylor, who used to live in Albuquerque and now lives in Tucson, was in town for an SCA thing (Atenveldt Crown Tournament). I got to see her twice on Sunday and she took me to the airport, which was wonderful.

It was a good weekend.


Stephanie said...

That sounds wonderful :)

I for one am thankful for people like you and Pam and many others that I could name for speaking and writing and helping others move forward.

I talk to people and help online as I can, it's important to me to share my views (to those who want to hear them)about unschooling and parenting.

CLGB said...

Thank you so much for making the trip, again. I so enjoyed hearing and seeing you. I am sorry we wore you out! I traveled down from Flagstaff, and it was worth the trip. I was so pumped up and then on Monday I had yet another melt down with my two boys, 13 and 12. Some days they have minds of their own, I guess that is what I want but, grrr. I remembered your words and it help to make the next day, momments, a bit better. Thank you. Christine