Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"It's harder than you think."


Kirby wrote, "I can't enter the contest, but I couldn't help myself!"


latisha said...

i just found your blog and im so flippin' excited i can hardly contain myself. i have a 5 mo old and am looking into this whole unschooling business. i longed for something like this when i was younger. i am learning more about unschooling all the time and love that your stuff is out there! thank you.

Sandra Dodd said...

Good, Latisha! Here's a good starting place:

I would love to get to hold your baby a while and smell baby-hair. My baby is 16. She still smells good, but y'know... there's nothing like baby smell!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I was homeschooled from about 14 on and I've been reading your words for years. My life is so much better for it. Thank you! (BTW, I'm 23 now and don't have kids yet. If and when I do, they'll certainly have a better mother as well.)
I was wondering, would you consider making this into a shirt, too? I would LOVE to wear that! I think it's awesome.

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm not sure that blue on black would show up. You're welcome to take that art and order a shirt with it, though, if you want. You could make a cafe press store with just the one shirt you want, and get it at cost and then close the store.