Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Gratitude, Thanksgiving Week

1. I'm grateful that Kirby has a job he likes, working for the company that made and operates this game, and that he got his name in the credits (along with thirteen pages of other names, two of which can be read if you click for an enlargement). He didn't press to use his middle name on officialness at work, so it says "Kendall Dodd" (his paternal grandfather's name) and not Kirby (my dad's name).

2. I'm grateful that Marty is healthy and happy, still enjoys his job, and has money left after he makes his jeep payments (and paid for that ticket he got early in the month, caught by a camera going a little too fast through a green light at 2:30 a.m. with no other cars around, poor guy). Marty works at Pars Cuisine.

3. I'm very happy that Holly finally got to start actually working at her job at Zumiez at Coronado Mall. She stayed late on her first day there, they asked her to come back in at 8:00 the next morning (that's today) and she's working on the Big Deal Shopping Day, Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm glad the mall's only four miles or so from our house.

4. I'm grateful that I got to talk to my cousin, Nada, the day before her birthday on the 16th, and again today. I'm sorry we didn't get to visit, but it'll be soon. Holly especially likes Nada. I'm glad I talked to my sister, Irene, on the 19th which is her birthday.

5. I'm grateful that our friend Ben/Dermod got to hang out here in a leisurely fashion and spend the night last night.

Those things might seem small, I know, but Kirby's in Austin, Nada's in Dixon, Irene's in Chama and Ben's in Silver City, all far away from here and none in the same direction. Marty and Holly I still see every day, and I'm grateful for that too!

P.S. Here's where I first learned Kirby's name was in there, and that's Diana Jenner's thumbnail, and I got it first by phone and didn't know where it came from and couldn't get it larger or into my computer and long story cut off right there, here it is!! And it's enlargeable too.


unschoolingsupermom said...

Kal just got WotLK this week. He was so super excited. I didnt get to blog it because our camera broke as soon as we tried to take his picture with it. Anyway, as soon as he saw your post with Kirby's name in it, he ran and got his manual and looked it up. He said "There it is!". On page 24.

Tracy said...

That store Holly works at looks like fun!

Sandra Dodd said...

Selling cool clothes is a perfect thing for Holly. She wanted to work at a flower shop near here, but they wanted her to have experience. She might end up doing that, or photography, or all of that one way or another over the years.

FLO said...

I worked in a flower shop and loved every moment of it. I know much of Holly's time will be gobbled up by her new job but if she finds herself wanting to, she can volunteer her time as an apprentice- the flower shops love that. Especially during busy times- Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day- when they need temp help.

kelli said...

That's soo cool about Kirby being in the credits! Way to go Kirby!! :)