Saturday, May 02, 2009

Holly is 17 and a half

Today is Holly's half birthday. Six months more until I'm not as necessary as I am now.

I was up early and made her some oatmeal before she went to day 2 of a three-day garage sale at Caiti's house. She got back from that, I helped her pack up Rock Band to take to a theme birthday party (Josh and Drew's), and she left dressed as a rock star. A male rock star, dressed as a female, with glittery makeup. (Miranda, if you read this, Holly's boy bits consist of the herbal eye mask you made, stuck just so into the front of a turquoise tricot jumpsuit that looks like a Charlies' Angels thing, only very low cut. REALLY low cut. Yikes. So better to go as a guy, or something, it seems.)

And Marty is still at work, but he plans to wear the Pollo Loco chicken outfit. Rock star tie-in for that? Cock rock, he plans to say.

Holly's coming back before too long so that she can rest before going in for day 3 of 3 of garage sale.

If photos come back from the party I might add some later. One big yellow rooster and one glamrock "guy."


Miranda said...

Happy half Birthday to Holly! That is a very clever way to use my eye masks! ;-) I'd love to see a picture!

Anna said...

Great pics!! herbal eye masks are very versatile I see :-)