Monday, April 19, 2010

Lilacs Blooming, fern and dinner

They never would have put this on Walt Disney because it's too whippy and choppy, but it is kinda pretty! Too bad you can't smell them.

On the last couple of days there, it rained. One of the mornings you can see the truck, because there's so much moisture on the lilacs, and then as they dry off they lift themselves back up.

The camera was facing East, with a wall behind it, so that's why it gets dark so suddenly, when the sun crosses over the house there.

In other botanical news, a little air fern that used to be in Kirby's bathroom and nearly died after a few years has recovered. It's too big for the shelf it was on now.

And gastronomically, here's the pork loaf I made for dinner (those who were in the chat had to hear about it... sorry).

Here's the pan I was talking about, and it comes apart at two of the corners, with pins through what would be a hinge, if there was only one of them.

When it had cooled enough to move it, I put peaches on and around it and put it back in the oven.

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