Monday, April 26, 2010

Seeing-Eye Parrot

This came with one comment:
"I had heard about this costume and that party a lot, but never expected to ever see a picture! Facebook is cool, if only for the old people!"

I don't know who posted it on Facebook, though. Somewhere I have some photos from that pirate party too, and from the preparations for it. I already had the papier mache parrot. I just wired it up with a harness, and made two [see-through] eye patches.


hahamommy said...

So Holly and Marty got ready for the pirate party... oh wait! That's not a "make my new picture look old" app?? ;)

Sandra Dodd said...

Aha! Malinda Terry (Duchess Malinda) has the photo in her "old SCA" album, but her note is "Gunwaldt and Aelflaed at Pirate revel early 1980's. Aelflaed had a seeing eye parrot." So I still don't know if Holly wrote the "old people" comment or who might have. Because honestly, we were pretty young in that photo!! :-)

Glenda said...

I love the double eye patches!