Monday, April 04, 2011

I've got mail!

Today I got a charge card in the mail, from Australia. MY charge card.

Several weeks ago, I knew I had misplaced one of my two charge cards. I looked all in and around my desk, and the floor, and the shelves near enough for me to have possibly flipped it into. Didn't find it.

I asked Keith to check the charge card records online, to see if it had been used since the online purchase I had made that caused it to be out on the desk. Nope. Checked again in a few days. Nope. So it wasn't worth cancelling it. I figured it was either under the desk or I had accidentally knocked it in the trash.

It came wrapped in pink construction paper, in a greeting-card kind of envelope, with a beautiful stamp of Cape Tribulation, Queensland. No return address, no note.

I must have packed it with a book someone ordered. I could check that charge card record again, and see who ordered a book that day from Australia, but as the person chose anonymity, I'll leave it at that. The person also chose generosity and honesty. THANKS!!! Thank you very, very much.

Gratuitous, unrelated photograph. A monkey I did not see in India, but Brenna McBroom did! (Blake Boles took the photo.)

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