Saturday, August 27, 2011

Checking on babies in the middle of the night, 20 years later

This morning I was responding to a late-night note from an unschooling dad, and wrote some things I thought sounded quite bloggish, so I lifted these parts, knowing I had photos to go with them. (No photo for the first paragraph, which is best for us all.)

I'm up too early because my husband fell asleep two hours early, which means his "I don't need an alarm clock" self was up in the bathroom two hours earlier than usual, and I woke up too awake to go back to sleep. Nice to have the options, and a quiet house.

Holly has joined a music group (a capella) and they're having a car wash this morning. On short notice she's supposed to lean toward 1940's pinup, rather than 2011 girls. She has the lipstick, shorts and a polka-dotted scarf. I helped her with cardboard signs and a bucket of old towels. She's asleep.

Marty and his girlfriend were out at an armored-combat practice. They're asleep. I like this kind of very-busy, very peaceful life with young adult offspring.

Kirby is at work in Austin for another three hours, inspiring his overnight team at Blizzard. I think I'll lift some of this to my blog, because I have a couple of photos I could match to it.
end of the quote

Holly and I will get to see Kirby at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in San Diego September 8 and thereabout, and we just got to see him for his birthday the end of July!

I have a warm feeling of contentment knowing that they're all grown enough to take care of themselves if I weren't around, and yet glad for me to know where they are.

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