Sunday, September 04, 2011

Birds, Hanuman, Holly, Onions

This week we've been getting ready to go to San Diego for the Good Vibrations Unschooling conference. Holly and I are going, and meeting Kirby at the airport in San Diego on Thursday.

The pictures aren't about that, except that you can look at one project here: We have some ready to sell at the conference, but aren't quite prepared to do mail order until we get back, tweak the page a bit, and see whether we have magnets left or need to get more.

The birds have been happy and pretty. This is out the window of Holly's old room.

Hanuman was dancing when I got home from the post office the other day.

Because I have a page on the Egyptian onions my sister gave me, which have survive and thrive (more or less) these many years later, I got a phone call from a stranger. It was from a nice lady at a nursery in Oregon. Theirs had all died from too much rain. Mine were mostly dying from too LITTLE rain, but I had just not long before tended the sad plot (not the one in the photos/ they're in a better place in the yard now). I had a batch of new babies coming up. They do two cycles a year.

So I sold some onions to a nursery. :-)

Here's Holly with her car wash signs. (I helped.)

What those photos have in common is that they were taken in the past week, in or right outside my house. I like my life.


Unknown said...

Hi Sandra, Ive been wondering why you are not a special guest speaker at the 2nd annual australian unschooling conference this november? I wish I could meet you in person!

Sandra Dodd said...

I might be as far from Australia as one can get. :-) But I'd consider it if I were invited. Maybe you could recommend me. :-)

Or maybe you could come to New Mexico!
There's something this December. :-)

Unknown said...

Oh! You were not invited? I will ask the organizers to consider you for next year. Unfortunately USA travel is not in our budget this year... But I would love to go!