Monday, September 19, 2011

Surprise Lily!

Yesterday when Holly and I got back from the thrift store, I saw a little red thing in the yard. Woohoo!! It was TWO surprise lilies (or storm lilies, or hurricane lilies):

Today they surprised me again, when I went out to feed the birds. :-)

They're more open than yesterday, but this photo isn't clear.

I went to find where I had first posted about these. It was on this blog, in September 2005: I bought ten bulbs, but they have never bloomed (not yet; might someday). The ones today are where that first one was, so it has divided, but it's taking it's sweet long time. That's okay. It's a gift.

I went looking for images. There are other flowers if I look up surprise lily, storm lily, hurricane lily, but because someone had said they're called "naked lady" I used "lily naked lady" and found (among other not-the-sames) this, which is exactly that, and taken with a great camera:

Because it's on a commercial site, I bought three cards and that makes this a review. What a beautiful image! It's by Eric McQuiston. I wish he had gone to the edges and gotten every bit, but still... you can see the details and imagine the edges. His other photos are really beautiful, too.

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Anonymous said...

We call them Spider Lilies in Texas. Beautiful! I love them.