Monday, October 03, 2011

Images from Albuquerque to Chama (and a bit north)

Keith and I went to Chama this weekend to hear my sister perform. On the way, Keith stopped every time I wanted to take a photo, and even backtracked sometimes, and got out and scouted angles for me. We went north on I-25 to Santa Fe, on 84 up to EspaƱola, across the river, north to Abiquiu, on up through Chama, and a few miles into Colorado.

The birds on the wires are doves we could see outside of Denny's, early, near our house. It was the first morning of Balloon Fiesta. we drove out Tramway to get to I-25, and the balloons were starting to launch. The river is the Rio Chama, and the fancy dark-and-light photos are at Echo Ampitheater. The yellow trees near the river are cottonwoods. Later in the series, those on the mountainsides are aspen.

Anyone who wants to see a few hundred pictures instead of 45 can look here:

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bandistas said...

I lived in Taos and Pilar for a year not so long ago. The drive to Chama always provided solace. I would drive it just to drive it! My son went to Kindergarten at Dixon Elementary and spent an entire month on O'Keefe. He still talks about Flat Top mountain. I love your site and blog! I am unschooling my now seven year old and was home/unschooled myself. Please keep writing, it's hard to keep swimming upstream and we need writers like you!