Thursday, November 03, 2011

20th birthday (Holly's), confusion (mine)

Yesterday we had a late lunch on Holly's birthday, with 3/5 of the McNeill family. The empty spot at the table was mine. There might be another photo later from Jasmine's camera. The light wasn't the best, but the evidence will help us remember (and be something for Helene and Sophie to see). They can be enlarged.

The table from my point of view, though, up the left and back down the right, is Marty, Keith, Holly, Jasmine, Darwin, Leon, and Ashlee.

This morning I dressed a bit more warmly and walked over to Kinko's (now FedEx) to copy two book chapters I intend to transcribe (and the books won't lie flat) and an article from unerzogen to send to Wolfgang. As the copy machine was passing its lovely green light over one page, I realized my printer at home is a copy machine. If I were making a large number of copies, or needed two-sided copies, walking in the cold to Kinko's would've been fine. So I made my black and white single-sided copies and walked home in 38°F degree weather, feeling old.

The other day, Marty looked old:

He was being a mad scientist, and I guess Ashlee was his devilish assistant.

Holly tried looking like her boyfriend, Will:

...and had planned to reproduce his tattoo, when the day came she decided other things were a better use of her time. But it's a good tattoo—his band's logo.

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Heather's Moving Castle said...

Happy birthday to Holly!!! ;-)