Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some mentions of me here and there
A quote with illustrations.

On a blog about infants and sleep,
"At the moment I am reading Sandra Dodd...just google her (I'm learning how to mobile blog sorry no links yet). But she talks about unschooling...might be a bit much for some who cry it out but wow good stuff."

There is a 118 page book about me in India. Huh.
Looks like it's between $53 and $58 dollars American, though. It might be a nice souvenir. I asked Hema to order one for me. It looks to be all stuff lifted from online. I give it away anyway.
That's way too expensive. If I were in India, I would order a C.O.D. copy and bribe the delivery guy to take back a letter from me saying "I'm Sandra Dodd; I'm not dead; I've been in India just lately, and I'm not payin' for this book."

Oh well. :-)

I had forgotten about this interview:
The original site is linked there, but I've lifted a copy to my site. It's been there for two years now (and is still there) but my readership doesn't need to provide advertising revenue for a general homeschooling site.

I had seen this one before, years back:

First it was in Zen Habits:
and then reprinted:
Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head
Written by Leo Babauta
Quotes me, Agatha Christie, John Updike, and John Holt, in that order.
And in Chinese (Jihong confirms it's Chinese)
On THAT page, there are things by Joyce Fetteroll and Pam Sorooshian, too!

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