Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cat's ass night

The phrase/word on Wheel of Fortune looked like _ _ _ _ L E _ _ A P and I was thinking "rattle trap." But it was bubble wrap. And I had just two hours before bought and used bubble wrap. And it reminds me of DrawSomething, which I was playing a lot for a while and not so much lately. :-) For the past ween and some I have off an on read and read at Amazon to see how to get books from my house to their warehouse so they can sell them directly. I would read until I was too confused to go on, or until I came to a place that seemed I needed to upgrade my version of Excel, or something else daunting. Today I finally gave in and arranged to get help by phone (once I found the "get help by phone" section again). I needed to send four boxes, to three different distribution centers. I'm writing this partly to have a record of when it started. The first two were difficult; the second two I understood it better. This summer when I'm traveling, though, people can order books without Keith or Holly needing to send them. I need to remember to change the webpages on my site. Marty and Ashlee are going to see The Avengers at midnight. They already have tickets, and they're going to stand in line at 9:00 to get seats with their friends. Holly and I brushed and washed (some) our fat old cat Shadow, who hides in the sewing room most of the time. But every Tursday night, she comes in the den to let me scratch her and pet her while I watch my favorite shows. She can't clean herself very well anymore. Holly and I have had it on the calendar for a week to help her tonight, so we were ready with wash cloths, warm water and towels, and Shadow showed up right on schedule. We just went outside to see the moon, heck the hot tub, between shows (The Mentalist starts soon; this post has taken me two hours during commercials). Shadow is out there on the lawn and just meowed and meowed at us. I guess she's feeling good! She wasn't hiding. She was bragging and talking. :-)

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Sandra Dodd said...

A week later, Shadow let us wash her with warm hand soap and washcloths as much and as long as we wanted to, and I washed the cloth in the box where she's been sleeping in the sewing room. It was a fun half hour for me and Holly and a big spa treatment from Shadow's point of view. Poor crazy old cat.