Saturday, May 12, 2012

Home Alone

Everyone's gone but me. It's very overcast and looks like it could rain. Yesterday it rained. I stood in the garage leaning on Keith, smelling that first-rain-for-a-long-time smell, and being glad to be home, looking at so much rain we couldn't see the mountains.

Today Keith and Marty are in Colorado Springs (Dragonsspine, actually, for Outlands coronation).  They went separately.  I woke Keith up at 1:30 so he could leave before 2:00.  He'll spend the night at Needham's house in Pueblo.

Marty went with Jeff early.  I was asleep, from 2:00 to nearly 9:00, and stayed in the bed another hour.  This is a celebration of home.

Holly left for an afternoon at a give-away swap in a park, with Will.  Then they're going to a house concert.

The house is silent. No appliances, no music, no movies.  Just quiet, at the moment.

I haven't been blogging much, but I plan to use this blog for notes on my travels, and there are about to be a BUNCH of them.  I'll just paste what I sent to the chatnotes subscribers:

The chatroom can be used anytime by any group of unschoolers who want to go in there. And if people want to keep the Wednesday routine, please feel free to show up there! I won't be there for a while, though, because...
I'll be in airplanes every Wednesday for a month straight.
  • Albuquerque to Boston May 16
  • Boston to Portland May 23
  • Portland to Albuquerque May 30
  • London to Geneva June 6
Then the flying slows down, but the being busy doesn't.
  • camping with unschoolers in France June 13
  • being in or driving to the Yarrow Valley in Scotland June 20
Back to planes:
  • London to Amsterdam June 27
  • Amsterdam to London July 4
So after this week my next potentially free Wednesday is July 11. I didn't realize that until I started making this list! But seriously, I'll be in England. I would rather be at a fish and chips shop than sitting in front of the computer. I'm sure you understand.July 18, a Wednesday, I'm returning to Albuquerque.
July 25 I'll try to be in the chatroom, on time, and without a topic from the book. We can talk then about chats, and the summer, and what people have been doing.

I lined through June 20.  That leg of the trip is off, possibly to be completed in summer of 2013.  Three or four different inconveniences rolled into one "better to wait," and so there will be less rush and stress in my summer, but still a lot of travelling.

I'll put the photos here!

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