Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snow on the hot tub

I was too sleepy to report this last night, but I was putting my hair up to go into the hot tub, when Keith said it sounded like it had just started raining. We grabbed our old bamboo and cotton sunshade umbrella (the kind that goes on a picnic table), and went on out.

It wasn't rain; it was snow. It was the kind of snow that's frozen in the air, and kind of makes a tinkly sound. So we went in, but sat close to tay under the umbrella. The tub wasn't super hot, probalby only 103 or so. Had it been a 108 degree night, probably the umbrella wouldn't have been collecting snow as it was. When we got out to put it together, I was holding the umbrella over Keith, and I shook it trying to get some of the snow off the back, but it went on Keith. That was exciting.

The whole thing was exciting and funny and sweet.

This morning, the places where we we stepped on the deck coming in are icy footprints.

The snow was less than an inch deep, but the timing was fun for us.

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gail said...

I could just imagine the snow getting on Keith! This whole post just made me smile.