Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holly and Sandra, farmer's market on Snowheights and Eubank

9/11/13, Holly in a dress I bought her at a fleamarket in Lisbon, and the cargo belt that gets her compliments everywhere she goes (two while I was with her today), some red chile reistras, some green chile roasting, grafitti in the arroyo, an old Blake's with a new one reflected in the window, and Holly's dress which matched the pink former-Blakes that used to be properly white and red.

The sign near the chile roasters, where the people are sitting in the shade to wait for their chile to be roasted, says that UPS will furnish a free box to anyone shipping chile. I'm guessing it's because they want to pack it in plastic themselves and maybe a waxed box, but it's still a pretty great offer.

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