Monday, September 09, 2013

MacBook Air

A new computer, almost unexpectedly. It was a "roll over, roll over" situation. Our internet could use a password, but the six-year-old PC Keith's using at home lost its ability to use a password a year or two ago. And now other age decrepitness... So Keith said we should get another Mac. "You get a used one?" I asked. No, you (said he to me) get a MacBook Air.


Holly has my old 15" MacBook Pro and the drive isn't reading homemade CDs anymore, and won't burn a CD. $151 to fix it at the Apple store, or $50 for an external hard drive, or... Holly thought... Keith gets that one, and Holly gets my just-a-year-old 13" MacBook Pro, and I get the new one.

Long story rushed over about problems migrating Time Machine back-up yadda yadda, ended up reformatting MyPassport external hard drive, and now...
Long, long wait, so it's good I still have my soon-to-be-ex computer.

777,790 items to be backed up. S-L-O-W-L-Y it is backing itself up. My other options were to buy a new hardrive, or to reinstall the operating system and re-install everything, clicking the one box I failed to click. Yes, I read this later: "If you are replacing an old Mac with a new one, and want the new one to use the backups from the old computer, click Inherit Backup."

It's green.

Well, it has a green hard shell on it kind of like a phone cover, so the apple shines out bluish green, which is pretty sweet.

P.S. two days later: That was not right. Another long session with a help guy (and his co-workers helping him) and Time Machine backed the whole thing up in two hours.

So... the review of a new MacBook Air. It turns on very quickly. I like the keyboard action. It's light, to hold in the bed, and easy to fold up and set aside with one hand. Easier to carry. But webpages load s--l---o----w-----l---------y and it will take some getting used to. It will give me time to practice patience, and gratitude, and breathing, and filing my nails, feeding the birds. Seriously slow, like five or six seconds to load a page that used to take half a second.

Miss Gonzales used to say (my 4th grade teacher) that when we grew up, people would complain about having to push a button. Yeah. FOUR SECONDS. Maybe longer. But I think as I gather more cached images and cookies it will go more quickly. By the time I'm sure, I'll have forgotten how quickly the old computer went.
And maybe I'll forget, how nice he was to me...

Or maybe Google Chrome will help, and maybe there will be an upgrade to make it as fast as a real Mac. ♫ Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

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